Vanishing Point

01.Vanishing Point 05:38
02.Saudade 01:24
03.Through The Endless Glade 07:46
04.Constant Blackness 02:51
05.Constant Blackness Part 2 02:51
06.Constant Blackness Part 3 04:38
07.Rays From A Dead Star 05:58
08.You Were Real 04:08
09.A Mere Reflection A Momentary Fluctuation 02:28
10.There's Another Sky 10:02

Released 30 April 2015
Composed, performed and produced by Arash Akbari
Artwork by Afshin Chizari
Mastered by Jason Corder
Published by Flaming Pines
2015 All Rights Reserved
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"This is a magnificent record, one which will without a doubt capture your heart, and very likely end up on your rotation for many months to come, certainly appearing on the year’s very best. "Rays From A Dead Star" alone captures the ever lasting feeling of floating through the ether, limitless and present with it all. I am happy to welcome Akbari into my collection of timeless music, and I hope you will as well." HEADPHONE COMMUTE

"Every expression Akbari paints into his sound is deliberate, everything is perfectly weighted and measured to keep the flow of the album moving nicely to maintain that level of important emotional suspension throughout." HEARFEEL

"Listening to the album it’s immediately clear that this is not Akbari’s first exercise in the field of ambient music: its sound is mature an very well balanced." Ambient Blog

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