"Infomorph" is a speculative interactive VR experience that addresses themes of reality, life, and the relationship between human, machines and nature in a post-human future where living in the physical world is no longer possible or needed. It narrates the mind transfer process of one of the last human's biological consciousness, while an AI agent walks him through the transition. All the AI monologues are created using GPT-2 AI text generator. Some of the visual elements are generated using custom trained StyleGan2 models to create unique and fictional images of how machines perceive us and our world.

The music and the interactive sounds were composed with layers of recordings from acoustic instruments combined with computer generated transformation algorithms. The initial musical phrases, written for acoustic violin and cello, were processed and transformed via a set of DSP chains. Some interactive sounds were generated using genetic algorithms to recreate evolving organic sounds from the perspective of a machine. The resulting electroacoustic textures would be interactively structured to create an illusive sound experience.
It was presented at different festivals such as Geneva International Film Festival, Open City Documentary Festival - London, DOK Neuland - Leipzig, VR Days - Amsterdam, Places VR Festival - Ückendorf, Recto Vrso – Laval, Exhibit Festival - Le Havre.
Infomorph is a collaboration between Arash Akbari and the musician and sound artist Farzaneh Nouri.