Surveillance tracking technologies have become an inseparable part of our surroundingsadded new dimensions to the physical space. Our movements, actions, decisions are being tracked by a network of surveillance systems and are being used as fuel for creating automated decision making machines to control and change different aspects of our individuality and society in a feedback control system.

The Beholders is a series of artworks that explores surveillance tracking algorithms as a creation tool by generating forms and compositions from the movements of tracked points in the video frames. It reveals the autonomous, generative and spatiotemporal system of speed, human movements, and activities from the perspective of technology, machines, and AI. The sounds were generated in real-time using the same extracted data to create a synchronized and parallel score that matches the movements to sounds to create a multi-modal audio-visual system.

As a part of The Beholders, DROMO is a metaphorical take on P. Virilio's concept of speed and accident in a technological post-modern society. He noted that the speed at which something happens may change its essential nature. So the speed of transmission and computation has changed our perception of the politics, the economy, our cities, and ourselves.
Dromo has been exhibited in Niemuzeum - Poland, M3:G3 - Art Culture Festival Gallery - New Delhi and MediSouP.