Modern technologies create paradigm shifts. They destabilize the setups, norms, and concepts and thus shape new politics and new realities. Neoliberalism frames technology as the practical means of prometheanism but what if technology follows its own force, logic, and agenda to become self-productive and even detached from human culture?
As Mercedes Bunz mentioned in her essay "Technology": "If technology has the capacity to question the world in place and if it offers difference, technology is in this world but not of this world: It is alien to its conditions. We cannot predict the future of the technology we have invented. Alien to us, technology has the capacity to set up a truly different frame, which makes a new world appear.“

Divergence is a speculative fiction project that investigates a possible future scenario in which alien technological forces dictate progress and development based on their agendas. using speculative situations and audiovisual pieces, it pictures technical realities and objects that are absurd, ineffectual, or banal to the human subject but not to the technology itself. It explores the drastic changes in different aspects of human and nonhuman life as AI and digital technologies constantly dematerialize the reality and materialize the digital, neutralize the concepts, and destabilize everything by turning them into information and data.