Amnestic Continuum

In order for intelligent machines to function, we need to reduce the world into sets of numerical data that sustain the databases and algorithmic operations: what is being forgotten in the process is the world itself. We simply become quantitative values in a specific time and place, the forgotten stories and lives that are being added to the datasets as inert numbers. This process repeats itself again and again until no sense, no meaning, and no life is left behind, like continuous amnesia…

Amnestic Continuum is a concept album and a multidisciplinary project that aims at creating sensitivity to the context and subjects behind these sequences of numbers. Using data-sonification to create musical compositions and soundscapes; data-visualization techniques to generate data sculpture; and poetic interpretations in written word by Chris Doherty-Ingram, a multisensory experience is created to explore how we relate and respond to the context and subjects behind datasets when filtered through the human experience.
01.The Lower Tail 02:37
02.No One Who Remembered 04:00
03.Colourless 01:54
04.Departure 04:24
05.To Forget 01:46
06.Fire Over Our Heads 03:49
07.Drowned 03:09
08.Call of the Void 03:44
09.No Life Worse lived 02:55
10.That Was Our Shelter 03:50

Released November 17, 2022
Coded, Produced, and Mixed by Arash Akbari
Poems by Christopher Doherty-Ingram
Artwork and Data Sculptures by Arash Akbari
Mastered by David Stalling
Graphic Design by Anthony Kelly for Illuminate Studio
CD Project co-ordinated by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling
2022 All Rights Reserved
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Digital version + PDF booklet