A Piece Of Me

We’re living in the age of data and information (what a boring introduction!). It is supposed to help us having a quality life, reach our goals faster and easier but it slowly makes us believe that the main reason of living is to reach a goal faster and before others and totally forget the joy of being in the road. We have birthday reminders, automated postal card senders, even ridiculous swiping apps to help us find love! We have long lists of friends and followers but most of us don’t have a friend to help us during our tough days. We are frightened of being lonely and there’s no one to talk to about it. We are slowly fading among mass information. We are slowly losing our emotions. We can’t sympathies anymore, except with a trending hashtag on our ugly social media feeds. We are forgetting the power of communicating without having a particular goal in mind. We just talk in order to reach a reasonable result and we easily give up on people around us if probability of reaching the goal is low. We are just calculating, comparing and deciding! It’s just like searching the web and changing the keywords one after another. We are forgetting this simple fact that we need to share our feeling and emotions in order to survive the loneliness we feel deep inside. A Piece Of Me celebrates the power of sharing our deepest emotions and thoughts with each other, without hiding behind our digital egos. We can share our feeling anonymously with others and feel other’s feeling. At least it lets us know we are not the only ones who are disappearing among these databases!
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